Teaching and Mentoring

open book

I am an experienced creative writing tutor. I currently offer courses on writing short stories and approaches to novel writing in Evesham and Malvern.

I also offer one-day writing courses on various aspects of creative writing, or tailored to your writing group’s needs.

Some people say:

“you can’t teach creative writing − writers are born.”

This is not true. We are born with boundless imagination, but what we do with it, how we harness it to create the magic of stories can be taught. The techniques and the craft of writing can be learnt in the same way as artists, musicians and actors must learn their craft.

Imagine the inspiration and satisfaction to be gained from spending time with others who share a love of creating stories. Writers pursue their ideas and dreams alone. Classes or workshops offer an opportunity to leave the pen or the PC behind and meet and share ideas with people who share that lonely path.

If you can’t make a class, you might prefer to take an online course. Courses are available on both the short story and novel-writing.

ChoiceOr you might like some individual feedback on a piece of writing, highlighting its strengths and weaknesses.

I can help with editing, strengthening your writing, making your characters and stories come alive.

Do get in touch to discuss any of the above or for a free summary of writing techniques.