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The Short Story

Hello everyone! I haven’t been around much recently. I could blame all the projects I’m involved with or I could blame lethargy and apathy. Or it might be a different reason altogether because I’m an unreliable narrator. I’ll leave you to decide which is the truth! Whatever the reason for... read more

The joy of a good writing course

I spent last week at Gladstone’s Library in Hawarden, Flintshire on a short story course with Vanessa Gebbie, writer, poet and teacher. First of all, I love Gladstone’s. I was there earlier on in the year on a writing scholarship, and fell in love with the atmosphere of peace, study,... read more

When the Journey Becomes the Story

When I taught GCSE English a lifetime ago, students were often given ‘A Trip to —‘ as a title in the exam. I was always surprised how many of them wrote about getting up that morning, the journey to the airport, or something along the way when the main focus... read more