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Not the Damned First Draft Again!

I know I’ve blogged about the difficulties of the first draft before. But what I don’t know why I’m making such a song and dance about it. When I wrote my first two novels (a very long time ago!), I wrote them by hand in exercise books and then got... read more

Thought for the Day

I’m supposed to be writing, but I couldn’t resist posting this. [Shannon Hale via Jeni Chappelle] As I wrote last week, I’m struggling to complete my first draft. I’ve set myself the goal of the end of November. I know that’s going to be a huge challenge – 25,000 words... read more

The First Draft Is Shit

I’m calling on Ernest Hemingway for the title of this post: The first draft of anything is shit.  I’ve blogged about the difficulty of first drafts before, but the topic is exercising my mind at the moment. I’ve been struggling to write for months now. I had a crisis in... read more