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The Launch of The Broken Road

Wow! And double wow! Despite my doubting that it was ever going to come together, that the books would arrive in time, that anyone would turn up, that nothing would go disastrously wrong, it was a SUCCESS! There was a lovely atmosphere in the room. Everyone laughed in the right... read more

Countdown to Book Launch!

Anybody noticed my finger nails have been looking chewed recently? My temper short? My attention span limited? Yes – it’s only twelve days until the launch of THE BROKEN ROAD! Eek! I’ve just put the cover on my Welcome page, and I’m amazed at the relationship between this one and... read more

My New Novel

I came back from Venice last Saturday, and after four weeks away, it’s been a huge struggle to return to normality. Especially when what passes for normality for me at the moment is reading and rereading my manuscript, making adjustments, adding things, taking others out, and generally going boggle-eyed. This... read more

The Launch!

October 25th – that long-awaited day on my calendar – came and went. I can’t believe it’s already ten days ago, and this post on the launch is long overdue. So, how did it go? After all my anxiety and neurosis beforehand, it turned out to be a wonderful occasion.... read more

The Unblogged Blog

It’s 23rd September and I last wrote my blog on 3rd September, twenty long days ago. Why the silence? Last September I did my A-Z blogging challenge, writing every day. A year on and nothing, or only two. Unblogged. Being UN seems to sum up my life at the moment:... read more

When a quoit interrupts your life

Last Tuesday 25th June marked what I had planned as a four-month countdown to the launch event for ‘The Piano Player’s Son’. I intended to write a post describing my excitement and impatience as this longed-for date draws closer. It was not to be! And the reason? Yes – quoits!... read more

Happy Birthday Unravelling!

Today is Unravelling’s third birthday – cue trumpets, choirs, balloons, champagne and … cake! Birthdays mean cake! Happy Birthday Unravelling! So, it’s three years since the launch of ‘Unravelling’, a wonderful afternoon which nearly 100 lovely people came to. It was the culmination of a dream I’d had since I... read more