My Blog Tour – Day One

Today is the first day of my 10-day blog tour. My virtual bags are packed and my imaginary tickets are tucked away in my wallet (courtesy of SilverWood Books who have arranged the tour for me). And I’ve got the mixed feelings of anticipation and trepidation that any journey into... read more

The Blog Tour

Collaborative blogging seems to have been a feature of my blog world this year: I’ve written guest posts on ‘The Piano Player’s Son’ on two other blogs; I’ve had guest writers on my blog for my ‘Why I Write’ series, and now I’m taking part in ‘The Writing Process’ Blog... read more

It’s All About Readers

When I wrote the first one in my series ‘Why I Write’ back in January, I talked about readers. Here’s some of what I said: I also mention ‘readers eager for more’ and this is getting closer to what drives me on. It’s wonderful when readers get in touch to... read more

The Pull of the South-West

If that’s a strange title for a blog mainly about writing, reading and the experience of being a writer, it’s because this post’s link to the topic will be tangential at best. But I wanted you to know that I’m still alive, despite my silence. Perhaps as a result of... read more

Wonderful New Poetry Collection

Today I’m playing host to fellow-Cinnamon author, Caroline Davies, whose wonderful collection of poetry ‘Convoy’ has just been published. I first met Caroline on a writing course in North Wales when she was working on the idea of writing some poems about her grandfather’s experiences in the Merchant Navy during... read more

Setting and The Piano Player’s Son

It’s six months now until the launch of ‘The Piano Player’s Son’ on 25th October in Worcester! To try to contain my excitement between now and then, I’m going to blog from time to time about aspects of the novel – characters, plot, themes, settings, and next week, I’ll be... read more