The Launch of The Broken Road

Wow! And double wow! Despite my doubting that it was ever going to come together, that the books would arrive in time, that anyone would turn up, that nothing would go disastrously wrong, it was a SUCCESS! There was a lovely atmosphere in the room. Everyone laughed in the right... read more

An interview with my main character

Q & A Ollie Anderson, artist Born in Plymouth, Ollie Anderson lives in London where he works as an artist, as well as having a part-time job in a gallery near Piccadilly. His passion is watercolours.  He lives with his wife, Jess, a teacher, and his daughter, Flo, aged eleven.... read more

The Pain of Insomnia

I slept well last night! You’re probably wondering why I’m giving you an update on that, and the reason is – it was such a relief! For several nights previously I had woken up at 2.45 am, and didn’t get back to sleep for two or three hours, eventually waking... read more

No, not the Clooney Wedding!

Wall to wall coverage of Venice as a result of George Clooney’s wedding probably means everyone is sick of hearing about the place, but I want to record my own little bit of Venice from last week. This was my eighth visit to Venice! This time we had a small... read more

Welcome to Rebecca Gethin!

Today I’d like to welcome another Cinnamon Press author Rebecca Gethin to the blog. Becky’s second novel ‘What the Horses Heard’, set in the First World War was published earlier this year, and she’s agreed to answer some question about the book. I first met Becky a few years ago... read more

The End of Summer

Summer is having a last flurry at the moment with warm days and blue skies. But there’s the unmistakeable scent of autumn waiting round the corner. Children in oversized uniforms have gone back to school. Darkness looms earlier and earlier each evening. And the mornings are misty and cool. I... read more

My Day as an Artist!

Last week I spent a day on a painting course called ‘Making Watercolours Behave’. Why? Have I decided to give up writing and try painting instead? Definitely not! I have always been hopeless at painting and drawing. When my family plays Pictionary at Christmas, my drawings always produce gales of... read more

Blog Tour – Day 3

Day three of my blog tour! This is another guest post about some aspect of ‘The Piano Player’s Son’. It was difficult to choose what to write about, as I also have an interview on the same site in a couple of days and didn’t want to recover similar territory.... read more

The Story of Noah’s Ark

In my previous post, I mentioned the Noah’s ark project that I’ve been involved in. My stories are now appearing on the English Symphony Orchestra’s website, so I thought I’d write a bit more about it. I met with Peter Sheeran, the chief executive of ESO, and we discussed how... read more

Wonderful New Poetry Collection

Today I’m playing host to fellow-Cinnamon author, Caroline Davies, whose wonderful collection of poetry ‘Convoy’ has just been published. I first met Caroline on a writing course in North Wales when she was working on the idea of writing some poems about her grandfather’s experiences in the Merchant Navy during... read more