Looking Back at 2012

As the year comes to an end, I’ve been thinking back over all that’s happened in my writing life, and it’s been quite a year.  So, hoping not to become too self-congratulatory (give me a shove if you think I am!) I’d like to reflect on my writing higlights ofJanuary... read more

Happy Christmas!

Hope you all have a wonderful time at Christmas with lots of lovely: * food *drink * people * fun *sleep * reading * writing * ideas * walks * talks … * delete as appropriate or add whatever represents your personal slice of heaven. I understand some people enjoy... read more

My Postbag

As I sat down to write this post, I managed to spill nearly a full cup of coffee all over my desk, my paperwork, my skirt, and my lovely cream carpet (but thankfully not the keyboard). Having spent what now feels like a lifetime soaking up, mopping and drying, I... read more

The launch of ‘A Flash of Fiction’

The wonderful cover of A Flash of Fiction  – an anthology of forty-two flashes selected from the entries for the first ever Worcestershire Literary Festival 2012 flash fiction competition and launched on Sunday with drum roll and fanfare. The arrival of the Queen of Sheba could not have been more... read more

My Next Big Thing

Thank you, Fiona Joseph, for tagging me in the Next Big Thing meme. If you don’t know what this is, it’s an opportunity to tell the world about your current writing project. When you’ve finished answering the ten questions below you get to tag other people, who do the same, thus... read more

And now here is the news

There seems to be a lot going on at the moment – distracting me from writing my novel – but otherwise all enjoyable. I really excited to be a featured writer on the West Midlands Readers Network website. I’ve written about my love of reading and writing from when I... read more

Nailing point of view

Mastery of viewpoint and narration require a fair amount of technical skill, thus it is not surprising many amateur writers are revealed in this way. Viewpoint and narration comprise a delicate, elaborate facade, in which one tiny break or inconsistency can be disastrous, the equivalent of striking a dissonant chord... read more

A Mindful Day

On November 1st, Fiona and Kaspa of Writing Our Way Home are holding a Mindful Writing Day to celebrate publication of A Blackbird Sings, an anthology containing a selection of small stones from last January’s River of Stones. Over 1000 people have already signed up to take part in tomorrow’s... read more

Flash Fiction anthology

It’s so lovely to have played a part in this anthology – the first ever flash fiction anthology, from the first ever Worcestershire Literary Festival’s flash fiction competition, organised to help celebrate the first ever  Flash Fiction Day held in May 2012.  Wow! That’s a lot of first evers to... read more

Today I will be mainly boasting!

First piece of good news: on Friday I received a really great 5-star review for Unravelling from the book blogger Reading in the Sunshine. It’s so lovely I have to keep reading it(!), so thought I’d put it somewhere more public – as well as plastering it all over Facebook!... read more