One of the lovely things about being a writer

My last post was about the stress of proofreading – one of the downsides of being a writer. As a contrast, this one is about an altogether nicer aspect: talking to readers and other writers about my books and the craft of writing. Last Saturday I gave a talk at... read more

Wonderful New Poetry Collection

Today I’m playing host to fellow-Cinnamon author, Caroline Davies, whose wonderful collection of poetry ‘Convoy’ has just been published. I first met Caroline on a writing course in North Wales when she was working on the idea of writing some poems about her grandfather’s experiences in the Merchant Navy during... read more

Well, here it is!

First the good news: My new website is up, running – LIVE! I’m really pleased with it. I like the design and I’m hoping the functionality will be good as well. With ‘The Piano Player’s Son’ due out in October, the website provides me with more opportunity to write about... read more

‘Not Waving But Drowning’

I seem to be drowning at the moment, the force of everything I’m supposed to be doing pushing me down. The list seems unending. And the worst thing is that the list doesn’t even include the novel I’m supposed to be working on, the novel I’m desperate to get back... read more

Happy Birthday Unravelling!

Today is Unravelling’s third birthday – cue trumpets, choirs, balloons, champagne and … cake! Birthdays mean cake! Happy Birthday Unravelling! So, it’s three years since the launch of ‘Unravelling’, a wonderful afternoon which nearly 100 lovely people came to. It was the culmination of a dream I’d had since I... read more

Setting and The Piano Player’s Son

It’s six months now until the launch of ‘The Piano Player’s Son’ on 25th October in Worcester! To try to contain my excitement between now and then, I’m going to blog from time to time about aspects of the novel – characters, plot, themes, settings, and next week, I’ll be... read more

I Went Fishing!

Yes! I went fishing and I’ve caught a fish! I wrote on the blog last year about my disappointment when my flash fiction ‘Errol’s Eyebrows’  made the shortlist for the Fish Publishing flash fiction competition, but then wasn’t a winner. Roll on a year and my flash ‘Dexter’s Lover’ is... read more

Unravelling’s Anniversary

In May it will be three years since the publication of ‘Unravelling’! Hip hip hooray! Three cheers for ‘Unravelling’. Its success in that time has surpassed my dreams. As well as all the lovely readers (some of you I know are included) who have told me how much they enjoyed... read more

World Book Day

World Book Day has sort of crept up on me this year. But I can’t let the day pass without something on my blog about books, so a section of this post is taken from one I wrote last September when I was doing my A-Z alphabet challenge when B... read more

2012 Part Two

The end of one year and the beginning of the next compels us to do some sort of evaluation of the previous twelve months, together with looking forward to the twelve to come. As I wrote at the end of my previous post, I knew I had been busy but... read more