Blog Tour – Day 9

The ninth – and penultimate day – of my blog tour. I’m coming to the end of my blog tour. There’s today’s stop, one more later in June, as the person had to postpone it, and tomorrow. I’m really happy with today’s review, especially the final paragraph! I’m over at... read more

Blog Tour – Day 8

Day eight(ish) of my blog tour Today I’m visiting the blog of historical novelist, Helen Hollick. Helen has written a really great review of The Piano Player’s Son, which I’m thrilled about. There’s also a guest post from me about secrets, one the main ideas driving the novel. You can... read more

Blog Tour

This is the ?? day of the Blog Tour The reason I’m vague about the day is that it’s gone a bit awry! Yesterday’s has been postponed until later this month, and Saturday’s didn’t appear. Not sure why, but I’m relieved. When I checked the site, I saw that the... read more

Blog Tour – Day 5

It’s the fifth day of my blog tour. Today it’s an interview with Stephanie at Layered Pages, who wrote the great review of The Piano Player’s Son the other day. I think it’s a lovely interview, interesting questions and it’s about the book and the writing process! Here tis!

Blog Tour – Day 2

Day Two of my blog tour! I was really pleased with yesterday. Some lovely comments on Facebook and on The Little Reader Library blogspot – host for my first stop! Today, I’m making TWO appearances, one an interview and one a review – and it really is a lovely review!... read more

My Blog Tour – Day One

Today is the first day of my 10-day blog tour. My virtual bags are packed and my imaginary tickets are tucked away in my wallet (courtesy of SilverWood Books who have arranged the tour for me). And I’ve got the mixed feelings of anticipation and trepidation that any journey into... read more

Readers’ Afternoon at Dudley Archive Centre

Poor blog is feeling neglected at the moment! Two weeks of blog silence but lots of activity elsewhere! I had a few days in beautiful Derbyshire, staying in the most idyllic place with a wonderful sense of tranquillity. The place we stayed is a steep climb up from the village... read more

When the Journey Becomes the Story

When I taught GCSE English a lifetime ago, students were often given ‘A Trip to —‘ as a title in the exam. I was always surprised how many of them wrote about getting up that morning, the journey to the airport, or something along the way when the main focus... read more

The Piano Player’s Son

I wanted to remind myself of the lovely launch I had for The Piano Player’s Son. Although I’m working on a new novel, I miss that one – as I realised last week when I was talking about it at library events for World Book Night – and it’s nice... read more

Time’s Winged Chariot

Shakespeare wrote ‘Time and the hour runs through the roughest day’. If it’s the case for the rough days, it fair gallops through the good ones! Last week was so busy, I can’t believe it’s already more than a week since Easter Sunday. Meet The Eggsters!        ... read more