No, not the Clooney Wedding!

Wall to wall coverage of Venice as a result of George Clooney’s wedding probably means everyone is sick of hearing about the place, but I want to record my own little bit of Venice from last week. This was my eighth visit to Venice! This time we had a small... read more

Glimmers in the Desert

Sometimes a writer’s life feels like a big lonely desert. Parched, unending, desolate. You sit at the computer day after day, clocking up words (or not!), creating imaginary worlds, making things happen. It can be fun and hugely entertaining, but it can also be isolating, boring, soul-destroying. When you set... read more

The End of Summer

Summer is having a last flurry at the moment with warm days and blue skies. But there’s the unmistakeable scent of autumn waiting round the corner. Children in oversized uniforms have gone back to school. Darkness looms earlier and earlier each evening. And the mornings are misty and cool. I... read more

My Day as an Artist!

Last week I spent a day on a painting course called ‘Making Watercolours Behave’. Why? Have I decided to give up writing and try painting instead? Definitely not! I have always been hopeless at painting and drawing. When my family plays Pictionary at Christmas, my drawings always produce gales of... read more

4th August 1914

My piece to remember the beginning of the World War One - 100 years ago today: You Are You are a pointing finger You are the tramp of marching feet You are boys from school and field From factory, shop and mill You are Archduke Franz Ferdinand You are mothers,... read more

I’ve Been Away!

You may or may not have noticed the absence of posts over the last couple of weeks. I’ve been en vacances! I was in the Haut Var region of Provence in South of France and had a lovely time (apart from mosquitoes) staying in a converted 18th century olive mill.Wonderful... read more

The rustling of excitement

I often whinge on this blog about my struggles with writing. That seems to have happened a lot recently with my current novel, failure to write and generally existing in a world of ‘stuckness’. So, I think it’s only right to relieve the negativity by highlighting a rustling in the... read more

Launch of Jo Phillips’s New Novel

Today, I’m delighted to be able to help promote the new novel from my lovely friend Jo Phillips. Jo became a virtual friend first when she contacted me about my first novel, Unravelling, but we have now met several times and we talk on the phone. Jo also came all... read more

A Literary Bonanza

I’ve had a fit of writing gloom recently, so it was nice last weekend to have an abundance of literary stuff to enjoy. Friday evening kicked off with the launch of the fourth Worcestershire LitFest. It took place in the grand surroundings of the assembly rooms at the Guild Hall... read more

Blog Tour – Day 10

It’s the tenth day of my blog tour, and I’m posting this days after I intended to! So, why is it so late? I’ve been so busy lately that I sort of gave up on things last week. I say gave up, but I was negotiating the three winners for... read more