Introducing my new novel!

I’ve been chained to the computer since I got back from holiday, working on yet another revision of my new novel. Finally, it feels as if it might be coming together, so I thought it might be time to post the opening. I was partly spurred on by a photo... read more

The Editing Black Hole

So, I’ve been absent for a while – perhaps my longest time absent from the blog ever. The reason? Editing/rewriting/proofreading! I’ve had a couple of trips away (although I was still closeted with my manuscript in Cornwall), and a few other commitments, but generally I’ve spent my time reading, rereading,... read more

The Two Faces of a Writer

These days a writer’s life has dual aspects: Looking out and looking in! You spend a lot of your time on your own, hunched over the computer or your notepad. Your only companions are your characters – people you’ve made up in the first place! They have adventures, relationships; they... read more

When literary invention gets in the way of character

I’ve recently finished reading ‘Life after Life’ by Kate Atkinson. It took me forever to read, not only because it’s 611 pages long, but because after a while I could hardly bear to read it. I had high hopes for it. From the praise on the front cover: Dazzling, Gillian Flynn; A... read more

When a chapter tries to beat you!

I’ve been trying to rewrite a chapter of my new novel for weeks. The original chapter in the first draft lacked emotion, avoided conflict and didn’t pack the punch it needed to as one of the novel’s significant chapters. I knew what I wanted to do with it and planned... read more

Five Marketing Tips

Almost every writer I know shies away at the mere mention of MARKETING! Writers tend to spend a lot of time shut away in isolation, existing in fictional worlds. It’s daunting to emerge, blinking, into the light, and start selling our wares/ourselves. And people are no more likely to respond... read more

Indie Author Day at Foyles, Charing Cross

As anyone who merely glances at my blog will know, I’ve been finding life tough recently. I’ve struggled to get over yet another virus, have found it difficult to write, and all in all felt like giving up the whole writing game. However, a little light has glimmered. On Friday... read more

When Things Slide

I’m very conscious I’ve hardly written my blog for weeks. It’s all part of my general mental – and now physical – malaise. Things are definitely sliding away from me.  Emails are waiting for a reply; letters need to be opened; things ought to be done, and that’s without even... read more

My Time at Gladstone’s Library

I spent a wonderful week at Gladstone’s Library in Hawarden in North Wales last week. I was lucky enough to be given a week’s scholarship, so all I had to do was write, think and enjoy these beautiful and tranquil surroundings. The photo of the library itself doesn’t really do... read more

The Downside of Finishing a Novel

There will probably be a lot of self-pity and hand wringing in this post, so if your sympathy levels are low, perhaps stop reading now! As I’ve written in previous posts, I finished the first draft of my novel in a mad splurge of writing on 1st December 2014. I... read more