Are novels like buses?

We all know the old complaint about buses – you wait hours and then … but I didn’t realise the same principle applied to ideas for novels! I’ve been feeling for a while now that I want to write another novel. Unravelling is out there in the world and The... read more

The Excitement of Winning

I was going to post about something else today, but feel I have to write about winning the Cinnamon Press novel award with my novel The Piano Player’s Son. I am filled with joy at the affirmation of my writing. Publication isn’t until October 2013, and I hardly know how I shall contain... read more

What’s in a Title?

How significant is a title for a novel, a short story – or a poem? What do we expect of a title? A successful title will probably grab our attention – hook us in some way -intrigue, surprise or amuse us, or suggest something of the work’s subject or flavour. And what... read more

Goodbye Stones

I’ve blogged about The River of Stones before, but today is the last one, a month of looking, noticing, absorbing,  writing. Choosing the stone to write each day has been great fun, although much more challenging than I had expected. One of the best things has been sharing the stones with others... read more