Alphabet Blogging Challenge Day 12

It’s day 12 of my alphabet blogging challenge The letter is L and the topic is LOVE When people ask me what my novel ‘Unravelling’ is about, I want to say love, but I can see the impending yawn (especially from men) if I do, and the neat pigeonholing of... read more

Alphabet Challenge Day 9

Day nine of my alphabet blogging challenge The letter is I and the topic in INDIE (publishers) Indie publishers is another term for self-publishers, those people brave, mad or misguided enough to publish their own books. And there are plenty in each of those categories! More and more writers are... read more

Alphabet Challenge Day 8

Day 8 of my alphabet blogging challenge The letter is H and the word is HOOK In case you’re worrying that my blog has strayed from reading and writing to something more pugilistic, I’m not talking about a right hook but a narrative hook! In today’s crowded, frenetic world, it’s... read more

Alphabet Challenge Day 7 (mark two)

It’s day seven of my alphabet blogging challenge. I know I pronounced that yesterday, but I was WRONG, as some of you pointed out. Yesterday was day six and today is day seven. If I’m befuddled at this stage, what am I going to be like by the end of... read more

Alphabet Challenge Day 5

It’s day five (always want to add in the Big Brother house) of my September blogging challenge! Today’s letter isĀ  E and the subject is the word ENERVATE I can hear you saying ‘What’s that all about?’ ‘What a weird word to choose.’ The dictionary definition of enervate is wanting... read more

Alphabet Challenge Day 3

The third day of my blogging challenge The Letter is C and the topic is COMPUTERS I was debating a number of possibilities for today’s post, but my mind has narrowed towards computers because mine has gone on strike. Actually, I think it’s more terminal than that – I’m already... read more

Alphabet Challenge – Day Two

  The second day of my A-Z blogging challenge. The letter is B and the subject – what else? BOOKS I didn’t have to think too hard about this one! Reading has been an essential part of my life since I was a small child. My earliest memories of reading... read more

Day One Blogging Challenge

September 1st and the first day of my blogging challenge. As I wrote in my previous post, I’ve set myself the challenge of writing a post every day in September (excluding four Sundays) using the letters of the alphabet as a stimulus. I intend the posts to be associated with... read more

Blogging Challenge

As I wrote in my last post, I’ve been at odds with my writing since I came back from holiday (thanks to those of you who commiserated with my predicament). I’m gradually getting back the motivation and focus – I’ve written a short story, done a book review for The... read more

Where does motivation go when it deserts you?

In July I spent two weeks in the Algarve. Wonderful! Blue, blue sky, hot sunshine day after day (bliss after the dismal summer here), lounging by the pool, jumping the Atlantic breakers, walking on long, golden beaches, lazy lunches, sunset dinners … Yes, I loved it! So, did I come... read more