And now here is the news

There seems to be a lot going on at the moment – distracting me from writing my novel – but otherwise all enjoyable. I really excited to be a featured writer on the West Midlands Readers Network website. I’ve written about my love of reading and writing from when I... read more

Alphabet Blogging Challenge Day 18

It’s day 18 of my September alphabet blogging challenge The letter is R and the subject is REVIEWS I thought of doing a post on rewriting and revising today, but I’ve written a few posts specifically on writing, so I thought I’d have a change (bit of one, anyway)! I... read more

What’s in a Title?

How significant is a title for a novel, a short story – or a poem? What do we expect of a title? A successful title¬†will probably grab our attention –¬†hook us in some way -intrigue, surprise or amuse us, or suggest something of the work’s subject or flavour. And what... read more