Launch of Jo Phillips’s New Novel

Today, I’m delighted to be able to help promote the new novel from my lovely friend Jo Phillips. Jo became a virtual friend first when she contacted me about my first novel, Unravelling, but we have now met several times and we talk on the phone. Jo also came all... read more

Blog Tour – Day 10

It’s the tenth day of my blog tour, and I’m posting this days after I intended to! So, why is it so late? I’ve been so busy lately that I sort of gave up on things last week. I say gave up, but I was negotiating the three winners for... read more

Blog Tour – Day 9

The ninth – and penultimate day – of my blog tour. I’m coming to the end of my blog tour. There’s today’s stop, one more later in June, as the person had to postpone it, and tomorrow. I’m really happy with today’s review, especially the final paragraph! I’m over at... read more

Blog Tour – Day 8

Day eight(ish) of my blog tour Today I’m visiting the blog of historical novelist, Helen Hollick. Helen has written a really great review of The Piano Player’s Son, which I’m thrilled about. There’s also a guest post from me about secrets, one the main ideas driving the novel. You can... read more

Blog Tour – Day 4

The fourth day of my blog tour. Okay, I’m not quite so jaunty on day four. Today’s blog stop is a review and an interview. The review is 4 star, but is lukewarm to say the least. It also mentions profanity which is ‘quite unnecessary’! I don’t tend to swear... read more

Do You Like Sequels?

Lots of copies of THE PIANO PLAYER’S SON here. Lots of copies but only the one book. What about if, instead of one book, there was THE PIANO PLAYER’S SON X TWO? A Sequel? A number of readers have said to me recently that they’d like a sequel. They want... read more

The Blog Tour

Collaborative blogging seems to have been a feature of my blog world this year: I’ve written guest posts on ‘The Piano Player’s Son’ on two other blogs; I’ve had guest writers on my blog for my ‘Why I Write’ series, and now I’m taking part in ‘The Writing Process’ Blog... read more

Why I Write (Seven)

I can’t believe it’s the seventh (and penultimate) post in my ‘Why I Write’ series, and today it’s the turn of Debbie Young. I first heard of Debbie through her excellent book Sell Your Books which is full of ideas to help authors promote their books. We became online friends... read more

Free ebook!

This is a quick post to let you all know that The Piano Player’s Son is free on kindle from today until Monday 27th. Even if you’ve got a copy, I’m told it’s helpful to download it anyway – all a mystery to me! You can find it here┬áThe Piano... read more

Expect nothing or reach for the stars?

The euphoria generated by the wonderful launch of The Piano Player’s Son has long been tidied away. The book is written, rewritten, published, launched – now what? Sales! I write because – for some perverse reason, I hate it when I’m not writing – but also because I want my... read more