Evesham Festival of Words – Day One

So, the Evesham Festival of Words, which I’ve mentioned on the blog before, came and went in a three-day blur of wonderful events, and brief pauses for sleep and sustenance! I think I can definitely say it was a triumph. This is my story of the weekend, or at least... read more

Happy Birthday Unravelling!

Unravelling, my first novel, is six years old! Although I’ve published two more novels since then, I find it almost impossible to believe that this journey started six years ago. Copies of Unravelling on Launch Day: Since then Unravelling has done some wonderful things – lots of people have bought... read more

The Two Faces of a Writer

These days a writer’s life has dual aspects: Looking out and looking in! You spend a lot of your time on your own, hunched over the computer or your notepad. Your only companions are your characters – people you’ve made up in the first place! They have adventures, relationships; they... read more

Welcome to Amanya Maloba

Today I’d like to welcome a young American writer, Amanya Maloba, to the blog. Amanya’s book HARVEST was a grand finalist in the 2014 Vine Leaves Vignette Collection Award. I love the way Amanya uses food to explore a variety of topics about life and relationships. She has written a... read more

A Literary Bonanza

I’ve had a fit of writing gloom recently, so it was nice last weekend to have an abundance of literary stuff to enjoy. Friday evening kicked off with the launch of the fourth Worcestershire LitFest. It took place in the grand surroundings of the assembly rooms at the Guild Hall... read more

Why I Write (Six)

Number six in the ‘Why I Write’ series and I’m delighted to welcome Polly Robinson to my blog. I met Polly just over two years ago and we got to know each other better when we worked together on the Worcestershire Literary Festival Flash Fiction competition. As well as being... read more

Beginnings 12th January 2010

I’ve just been engaging in a bit of nostalgia and looking back through my blog archives to January 2010, which saw my first posts. Yes, I know checking the archives is up there with emails, facebook etc as a means of procrastination. WRITE THE NOVEL! But it is interesting to... read more

Ten Reasons Not to Whinge!

Last week I wrote a really whingey post complaining about Amazon. But I’ve given myself a talking to, dusted myself down, and today I want to redress the balance.  I thought of calling this post ‘Ten Reasons to be Happy’, but that sounds too positive and upbeat for me(!), so... read more

West Cork Literary Festival – the highlights

I’ve just returned from almost a week in Ireland (a week during which the sun shone all day, every day from the bluest of skies – almost unheard of in the south of Ireland) and somehow, I’ve got to come down to earth. The week was filled with wonderful experiences... read more

Celebrating all things ‘flash’!

Tomorrow is National Flash Fiction Day, a day started in May 2012 by Calum Kerr to celebrate the rise of the fiction genre increasingly known as flash fiction. And a post recognising the day seems appropriate as I seem to be immersed in flash fiction at the moment. The idea... read more