Book Groups

One of the enjoyable things about being a writer is talking to readers. They might be readers who have read your book and want to engage with you about the characters, or the plot, or the settings, or as is often the case, where you got the idea for the novel from. If they haven’t yet read the book, it’s sometimes the process of writing that they want to discuss, asking interesting questions about what it’s like to be a writer. I hope, along the way, that I can whet their appetite to read the book. have been lucky enough to visit a number of different book groups to talk about Unravelling. It’s surprising how many different ways there are to run a group. Some are very focused – the book is everything and ‘chat’ and refreshments are limited to a cup of coffee and a biscuit at the end. Others offer wine and nibbles, and I did go to one group where the meeting took place over a three-course lunch!

Also, some groups have a general discussion of random ideas as they spring into people’s minds. Others take  a more detailed approach and often like the focus of questions to stimulate discussion.

I like to please readers(!), and to that end, I’m providing some discussion points and a list of questions on both The Piano Player’s Son and Unravelling that can be downloaded. (Right click, open in a new window, and then click on print icon in the top right hand corner.)

Reading_Group_Guide_Piano_Players_Son-01 The Piano Players Son

Reading Group Guide Unravelling Unravelling_cover