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More on Titles

This is interesting. One of my blog readers, Linda Bromyard, is a school librarian, and she tried out the list of titles from my previous blog with some of her students aged 12-14. Bearing in mind the age of the participants – so definitely not that of the intended audience... read more

What’s in a Title?

How important do you think a title is when you’re choosing a new novel? I don’t mean when you know you want to read a novel by Blah Blah by Whatshername. But if you’re browsing in a bookshop, the library, or online, would a title be enough to encourage to... read more

A Brand New Year

My poor virus-addled brain is stuffed with thoughts – reflections on the year behind us, goals for the year ahead, my novel which I’ve just started rereading. But I don’t think I’m up to writing about those today. So first, a photo of December 2014’s new moon to represent the... read more

Goodbye 2014!

I usually feel excited and unsettled on the last day of the old year, the cusp of the new. I don’t know whether it’s my Scottish heritage, but I’ve always loved and celebrated the New Year. Looked forward to the possibilities of the shiny, untrammelled year ahead. I’ve always stayed... read more

Christmas Greetings!

Happy Christmas everyone! Here’s to a Christmas that is all you hope for. It can be a difficult time with pressure to fulfil some romantic illusion of a perfect Christmas. The reality is sometimes different! But wherever you are, and whoever you’re spending it with – and especially for anyone... read more

Alternative Carol

I wrote this alternative ‘carol’ three years ago – to be sung to the tune of O Come All Ye Faithful. How sad that it’s still relevant today: O Come All Ye Workers O come all ye workers, Public and private, Come ye, O come ye to Poverty. Stripped of... read more

Books Make Great Presents!

I love books! I love the physical experience of books – the covers, the blurb, turning the pages, the smell and touch of a book. And I love being surrounded by books – piles of them! (I suppose that’s the reason I rarely pick up my kindle.) My husband says... read more


Hey look! The Piano Player’s SonĀ  is on YouTube. I’D LOVE YOU TO TAKE A LOOK What do you think? (Video is Courtesy of Jacques Butler, a talented young guy from Oxford. He also plays in a band Invisible Vegas.)

Welcome to Amanya Maloba

Today I’d like to welcome a young American writer, Amanya Maloba, to the blog. Amanya’s book HARVEST was a grand finalist in the 2014 Vine Leaves Vignette Collection Award. I love the way Amanya uses food to explore a variety of topics about life and relationships. She has written a... read more

I Did It!

Well. after all the bleating and whingeing, sobbing and sighing, I finally finished the first draft YESTERDAY! It still feels unreal.Because of the false start (two narratives I was trying to squash into one) I’ve been living with Ollie Anderson for two and a half years. For the first eighteen... read more