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Why is self-promotion so difficult? In order to sell Unravelling, I’ve got to promote it – and, indirectly, ME. But it’s so hard. I wonder if it’s something that particularly affects writers. Used to spending hours alone, creating, manipulating, exploring other worlds, do writers find it harder than other creative people... read more


I’m still getting good feedback on Unravelling (four 5-stars reviews on Amazon!) and sales continue, but not in the same numbers as just after it was published. I always knew this was going to be the difficult part and unfortunately there’s been a lull while moving has taken place. It’s... read more

Poor neglected blog!

Little did I think when I wrote my last post that I wouldn’t return for almost a month. The reason? A temporary move of home so that builders could start work on an extension and other upgrades to our house. Obviously I knew it would be hard work and time consuming,... read more

Holiday read

I’ve been getting great feedback on Unravelling, which is wonderful. I want people to relate to the characters, get hooked by the story – all the things they’re saying. But one thing bothers me – several people have mentioned HOLIDAY READ. Lovereading, a website that links books with readers and is... read more


I just want to chart a few successes I’ve had since Unravelling’s launch: It’s mentioned on Cornflower Books, a book blog, which has many readers and contributors. It appears in a post with Maggie O’Farrell’s latest book – I really like her books, especially The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox and... read more

Book Launch Day!

On Sunday Unravelling’s launch actually happened! It was wonderful – all I could have hoped for and more. Most of the people I’d invited came (and some I hadn’t) so there were almost one hundred people there. I’d asked students from my writing groups to read some of their work and they did... read more

Countdown to launch!

It’s now only four days to go until the launch of Unravelling! It’s getting very exciting. Most of the arrangements are in place. Books, posters, balloons, a display of knitwear (by my wonderfully talented friend, Jackie Stringer) to represent Vanessa’s work are ready. Glasses, wine and nibbles for those all important refreshments... read more

Silence – the sequel

Once again I’ve had a long period of absence from the blog. I read other people’s and they’re writing feverishly on a daily basis. It makes me feel inadequate and I’ve got enough other things that do that – I don’t need to introduce ‘blog-guilt’ into the equation! The only... read more

Troubles/Joys come not as single spies …

In Hamlet Claudius says ‘Troubles come not as single spies but as battalions’ (hope I’ve remembered the quote correctly).  And vile as Claudius is, he’s right.  When things go wrong, they seem to spread the infection: your child is ill, and you get locked out of your car;  it pours with rain, and... read more

Why don't people reply to invitations?

I’ve got my book launch planned. Now for the invitations. They’re designed and printed; addresses are written on envelopes; postcards with Unravelling’s front cover are included – now it’s time to put them in the post and wait for the replies to come flooding in. Except they don’t!   Okay – that’s a... read more