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I’ve decided to have Unravelling converted to an ebook, and it’s in the process of happening! Apparently it will be on kindle in a few days and in various other places in a while. It’s exciting although I have had to overcome some huge reservations. I didn’t think ebooks would... read more

Rubery Book Award – 2

I have managed to get a photo of me with my Rubery Book Award plaque. Otherwise, very quiet on the blog front. I’m working hard to revise The Piano Player’s Son in time to enter it for a competition – deadline 14th August! Will I make it? Don’t know but... read more

International Rubery Book Award

I’m very excited! I’ve been awarded 2nd prize for Unravelling in the International Rubery Book Award for books published independently or self published. I received a cheque and a plaque. A Plaque! And of course – the glory! Most important are the positive comments from the judges who felt Unravelling... read more

Writing and reading

Spent the morning at the open day at Stanton Guildhouse – held to publicise the various courses the Guildhouse hosts. There’s wood carving, furniture restoration, glass engraving, painting, spinning (and so many others) and I teach creative writing there. I had a lovely time. It’s such a beautiful place (although... read more

Talking & Ballet

Yes, I know that’s a weird title – nobody talks in ballet – but ‘talking and ballet’ sort of sums up my weekend! First, I visited a lovely book group, Warndon library readers group, on Friday to talk about ‘Unravelling’. They were so welcoming and friendly, and so enthusiastic about... read more


Went to a brilliant play at the Swan in Stratford-on-Avon last Saturday. It completely confounded my expectations of it. It’s called Dunsinane and is billed as a sequel to Shakespeare’s Macbeth. I thought it was going to be as dour and tragic as that play. (Makes it sound as if... read more

Worcestershire Literary Festival

A busy time ahead! The first ever Worcestershire Literary Festival starts tomorrow. I’ll be at the local authors book fayre at Perdiswell House pub Worcester, where writers will be able to sell their books, and there will be all sorts of activities with the aim of raising money for the... read more

Novel writing

I’ve planned to cut down on my teaching over the summer, as I’m determined to finish the revision of ‘The Piano Player’s Son’, but I’ve got one new course in Malvern starting this afternoon. It’s supposed to be on the novel, but seems to be a bit of a mixture... read more

Writing Courses

I’ve written about writing courses before, but the subject is in my mind now as several of my courses have just come to an end – either for Easter, or end, END! It’s always sad. I meet so many nice people and enjoy getting involved in their writing, and then... read more

Not Everything is Said

Last week I went on a great writing course in North Wales with Jan Fortune-Wood. The course was held in a wonderful place, Tyn-y-Coed, which is owned by Pete Marshall, poet and marvellous host. The scenery is glorious there and the weather was amazing for late March – a great... read more