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Goodbye Tulips

It’s nearly the end of the tulip season, and despite the abundance of other flowers following on, I always feel a little sad when the tulips finish for another year.I’ve written other posts about how they suggest spring to me, more than snowdrops and daffodils. With their wonderful abilty to... read more

The Joy of Reading – Sometimes!

I’ve always read a lot ever since I was a child, but since my myeloma diagnosis and treatment (with the subsequent loss of so much that I’d previously enjoyed doing), the amount of time I spend reading has increased hugely. Some of my overflowing bookshelves I’ve read an interesting mix... read more

When is a blog not a blog?

I’m not really sure why I gave this post that title, but I needed to call it something and that seemed as good as any. I think a blog might not be a blog when the writer either doesn’t actually write anything – is, in fact, blogless! – or they... read more

Happy 13th February

I know! I can hear you asking: why is she celebrating the 13th February, a nondescript little day when nothing much happens? And the answer? I don’t know. Except today, for the first time for almost a year I decided to try to write a blog post. So here I... read more

Not Writing

Okay, I know I keep banging on about not writing but it seems to have become as much a preoccupation for me as writing was previously. So I fell upon the article on Not writing by Kate Colquhoun in this quarter’s edition of ‘The Author’ . In it she says... read more

On Not Writing

There’s an excellent book for writers by Stephen King called On Writing. The book is partly a memoir, and partly a practical view of the writer’s craft, comprising the basic tools of the trade every writer must have. It’s the sort of book I would once have pored over, constantly... read more

Belated New Year Greetings

It’s almost a year since I’ve written my blog. This is a tentative return, and I’ve no idea if it’s a one-off, occasional or something more permanent. It feels scary trying again, and have I got anything to say any more? I seemed to lose so much during the last... read more

Storm Doris

I lay in bed this morning and listened to Storm Doris battering the house (and that was before the winds reached their full force) and thought about my own Storm Doris – or perhaps I should think about a new name rather than jumping on poor old Doris’s back! I... read more

Can it be February already?

I can’t believe it’s 2nd February, 1/12th of the way through 2017 already. Usually in January, I blog about plans for the year, mainly writing plans, or like last year LACK of writing plans. But always about writing. But this year nothing. NOTHING And as King Lear said to Cordelia:... read more

Christmas 2016

Happy Christmas! May Christmas 2016 be happy, peaceful and kind to you. Whether you are spending it alone, with a couple of close friends or family, or a big nosy group, I hope there will be moments of joy. If we can shed our usual sceptism for a dose of... read more