Happy Birthday ‘The Broken Road’!

How could I have forgotten? ‘The Broken Road’ was launched in December 2015. Happy first birthday to my third novel!

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The last half of 2015 included a frenetic amount of activity – writing and rewriting, polishing the final draft, finalising the front cover, organising the launch, and dealing with pre-publication jitters.

It all came together on 6th December 2015 when ‘The Broken Road’, my third novel, was launched with friends and family, readings, poetry, song, laughter. It was a lovely event, which despite all my anguish leading up to it, I really enjoyed.


And yet, with all that’s happening to me at the moment, when 6th December 2016 came round, I forgot about ‘The Broken Road’. I don’t know how that could have happened. I worked so hard on that book, and I still love my characters -Ollie, Jess, Flo, Louise, Angel. The relationship between Ollie and Flo, in particular, means a lot to me. And I love the settings for the novel – Plymouth, Venice, North London, where I lived for the first eighteen years of my life.

I feel sad that I forgot about the novel, and as well as wondering how, I wonder if I will ever get back to writing. I had planned to start a new novel in October, but of course it didn’t happen.

2017 – do you hold the key?

In the meantime, ‘The Broken Road’ is available on Amazon, and to order from bookshops. If you haven’t already read it, why not give it a go?  Review on Amazon: Another absorbing story from Lindsay Stanberry-Flynn. This author shows such insight into the workings of the human heart, and handles her flawed (but oh so human) characters throughout the ups and downs of their tangled lives with great understanding and compassion.
A very good read from a very good author.


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  1. Polly says:

    Happy Birthday to ‘The Broken Road’ – and for those who’ve not read it yet, get on…you’ll enjoy it!

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