Christmas 2016

Happy Christmas!

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May Christmas 2016 be happy, peaceful and kind to you. Whether you are spending it alone, with a couple of close friends or family, or a big nosy group, I hope there will be moments of joy.

If we can shed our usual sceptism for a dose of innocence to share with children the magic of Father Christmas and his reindeer flying through the sky, perhaps we can believe there still lovely things for to enjoy and celebrate this Christmas no matter if the world whether personal or public seems depressing and gloomy.

Something I should have posted about weeks ago is a festive anthology with fifteen stories based around Christmas, and my story How Was it for You, Joseph is one of them! The anthology is free on kindle, and it should make a good read in the days between Christmas and New Year or a digital stocking filler. Here’s some more info written by one of the other authors in the book.

A new anthology, full of a great variety of stories, is Festive Treats, which was recently published by the Birmingham based Pigeon Park Press. It has the added bonus of being FREE, and would make a great digital stocking filler – just check out the reviews on Amazon before you download.


Festive Treats – A delicious selection box of Christmas tales.


Festive Treats is a selection box of Christmas tales stuffed full of delicious delights and surprises. Fifteen of the best writers around present you with seasonal stories that are, by turns, joyful, wondrous, bittersweet and heart-warming.

I obviously should have linked to my author page, so here it is: Lindsay Stanberry-Flynn


All good wishes to you and yours for Christmas 2016

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  1. Maureen Hall says:

    Merry Christmas, Lindsay! So pleased to see this post: the book looks a good Christmas Eve read …

  2. Polly says:

    Merry Christmas – hope to see you in the New Year 🙂 x

  3. Dr Sue Ablett says:

    Happy Christmas Lindsay and best wishes for a better 2017.

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