And so it goes on!

I meant to write an update before now, but the second cycle was so challenging, I couldn’t manage it. I had a succession of side effects, together with extra side effects from drugs given to cope with the side effects. It was so horrible, I began to think I couldn’t continue with the treatment.

However, I got through it, had a few days off the medication, which gave me a glimmer of normality again, and I’ve just embarked on the third cycle. I hope it will be an improvement on the previous one, although I’ve developed one side effect which means I have to go on a reduced dose of the drug that’s causing it. Don’t know if that’s good or bad.

Last time I wrote about the beautiful autumn days and colours, together with one of my favourite poems by Elizabeth Jennings.

During this last week, there were a couple of sharp, frosty days  when the sky was a brilliant blue – my favourite late autumn, early winter days. Vapour trails streaked their way across the skies.

Image result for vapour trails

They reminded me of the small stones I wrote back in January 2012 for the River of Stones:

Saturday 7th Jan: Blowsy clouds billow across the sky, their edges blurred and puffy. Vapour trails streak through them in the opposite direction, missiles intent on their prey.  A symbol, I wonder, of humanity’s alienation from the natural world.

Sunday 15th Jan: A pattern of vapour trails criss-cross the sky – my pen itches to fill in the 0s and Xs

Two of my ‘stones’ were selected for the anthology ‘A Blackbird Sings’ which was wonderful:

Black polythene, the wind’s booty from its mad escapade, twitches in the bare branches of the silver birch.

Safe from the night’s frost in their white woolly fleeces, the ghosts of the bay tree and the bottle brush haunt the garden.

The small stones exercise is great to do.You can read more about it here. River of Small Stones.


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  1. Mary Howell says:

    So sorry you are going through it, Lindsay.
    Love the picture and the ‘stones’.
    Un beso – Mary

  2. Polly says:

    Good luck with the third cycle Lindsay, hope it doesn’t knock you about as much as the second…don’t forget, if you need anything, you know where I am.
    Wonderful stones 🙂 xx

  3. Lindsay says:

    Thank you Mary and Polly for your comments. The comments and messages I receive mean a lot to me.

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