Thank you!

I wanted to say thank you for your support. The comments on here, and the messages from people sent separately, are lovely, and certainly help lift my spirits. It gives me a warm feeling to know people are thinking of me and wishing me well.

By coincidence, I came across this quote from Virginia Woolf:

Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works.

So, this ordeal might have its uses after all!

Thank you again.

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  1. christine donovan says:

    Lindsay I missed seeing your previous post, what life shaking news for all of you. I really hope you start your treatment soon, and that everything goes really well, and that you are back to fighting – or writing – fit, really soon. Love to you, and those round you, and be really, really kind to yourself xxxx And writing all of that just sounds so inadequate, but you get my drift x

  2. Lindsay says:

    Sorry, Christine, I’ve only just seen your lovely message. Thank you so much for commenting – it means a lot.

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