Venice & The Broken Road

I can’t believe how long it is since I last wrote my blog – a combination of not writing very much at the moment, lots of other writing (and non-writing!) related activities, and a trip to Venice!

Although I only managed nine days this year, the visit inevitably brought back memories of last year’s wonderful four-week stay, when I was working on final revisions to The Broken Road, especially the chapters that are set in Venice.

I didn’t take many photos this time, although here’s a couple of views from the apartment, looking to the left: View from windowand to the right:

View with water taxiBut I did revisit some of the places that are mentioned in the novel, and I had to go to Ponte San Cristoforo, one of my favourite of Venice’s 400 hundred bridges, which Ollie paints in chapter 32 of the novel, and it gives him his first sale.

croppedAnd here’s a water colour of the bridge. It’s not the one that Ollie painted, but I think it is rather lovely.

bridge cropped

And Angel wrote a poem about the bridge – with thanks to Sarah James!

Almost a wedding picture. The waterfall
of steps fans downwards to the Campiello
like the ivoried flounces of a bride’s train.

Brick buildings bless cream stone with hints
of cherry: the pink of rosé wine.
Or soft lips. The curves of arches, trees

and window boxes filled with the petals
of a live confetti fixed in wide-angled stillness.
Sunlight glosses my perfect photo.

The bridge? Not a frown, but a mouth
opened in rippling smile with the water.
The lapping sound of their gentle kiss.

Gondola couples glide through and past;
their eyes entwined, oblivious to footsteps
crossing over. I watch the day deepen

until the last splash of rosé tilts
the skyline towards sleep. All bridges
now the mouths of half-sighs;

the water a tongue curved
towards the city’s heart.

The magic of Venice in painting and words!

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  1. Polly says:

    It all looks magical, Lindsay—I love Venice

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