Five Reasons to be Happy.

Everything seems to be about lists these days:

  • The top 100 books of all time
  • The fifty richest people
  • The ten items on my bucket list

And a bizarre one I found:

  • Ten sordid insights into the Victorian Opium Age.

So, I thought I’d compile my own list. You’ve been so kind, and I wanted to let you know I’m feeling better. So, here goes: Five reasons to be happy:

  1. It’s not January any more. I’ve discovered a lot of people struggle during January, but until this year, I’ve escaped apart from often feeling fed up with the weather. But this year I felt hopeless, without energy or motivation. Looking back over the last few years I can see I was already in the middle of a project when January arrived – writing, rewriting, preparing for publication. This year, with The Broken Road recently published, I had to decide what I wanted to do next. And I found there was nothing, and that made me unhappy. But now it’s February, and the burden of a brand new shiny year has lifted. I remember when I was writing small stones each day for the River of Stones project, and I wrote this – ‘Monday 2nd Jan: I like the 2nd January. It doesn’t arrive with all the fireworks and fanfare of its predecessor, the weight of portents and resolutions suffocating me, but slips in, unnoticed, almost, and allows me to breathe.’ And I think February this year has been my 2nd January.
  2. There are tulips and I love tulips. They bring such joy.622
  3. I had a message from a reader which made my heart sing: ‘Lindsay Stanberry-Flynn, you have done it again. l have just finished The Broken Road and it is BRILLIANT. l could not put it down, in fact two nights l was still reading at 1 am. So please put that magic pen of yours to work again.’
  4. When I was feeling really low, I took part in an interview on The Broken Road.  I found it a real struggle to put words on the page, but the interview has recently come out, and I’m really pleased with it. You can read it here on Jane Davis’s Virtual Book Club.
  5. Last Saturday I went down to London for a writing course with the wonderful Paul McVeigh. I’ve been on a course with him before, and he’s tremendously entertaining and inspiring. And it worked! He made me want to write again. I’ve tentatively started a short story. And I’ve realised something crucial – I’m a writer. I need to write, and when I’m not writing, there’s something missing.
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  1. Robin Heaney says:

    And I found there was nothing which made me unhappy.

    I’m glad that there’s nothing which makes you unhappy, Lindsay.
    Welcome back!

  2. Lindsay says:

    Hah! Thanks, Robin. I did notice that when I was reading it through, but then I forgot about it. Just goes to show how important commas are. I’ve corrected it and added in some words – just to make doubly sure!

  3. Polly says:

    Good to see you back on form, Lindsay, I love tulips too

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