The Launch of The Broken Road

Wow! And double wow! Despite my doubting that it was ever going to come together, that the books would arrive in time, that anyone would turn up, that nothing would go disastrously wrong, it was a SUCCESS!

There was a lovely atmosphere in the room. Everyone laughed in the right places. Clapped enthusiastically. And said how much they’d enjoyed it. I was so relieved and delighted.

Me with my 'baby'

Me with my ‘baby’!

I was thrilled afterwards when I realised how many books had been sold. Here’s the queue:The Book Queue

And here are my booksellers extraordinaire:

Booksellers extraordinaire

To help my nerves, the Emergency Poet was on hand, and she read two short poems, and I can vouch for the fact she definitely has a calming presence!

Me and the Emergency Poet

There were not one but two poets to entertain us. Unfortunately, I haven’t got photos of them at the moment (must get on to my photographer!). But Sarah James read two of the poems that appear in The Broken Road, poems she’d written as one of the characters, and Polly Stretton read one of her own poems, Choices – a theme of the novel – and He wishes for the Cloths of Heaven by WB Yeats, one of my favourite poems, and one that is referred to in the novel.

There was also some lovely singing. First of all, Holly Guest sang ‘Bless the Broken Road’, accompanied by Julie Fulton on the piano. It was really beautiful. You can hear Holly singing it, and other songs on SoundCloud. (Can’t seem to make the link work, but if you go to the site, look up Holly Guest 23.) Holly & JulieBeautiful pic of Polly and Julie.

There was also singing from Vale Connection, the acappella group I sing with. Here’s a pic of us in action:


All in all, I couldn’t have hoped for the launch it to go better. I’m so grateful to everyone who came along to support me, and to those who took part – you were wonderful!

If you haven’t got a copy of the book, there’s always time before Christmas. And if you’ve already got one, a present for someone?! It’s available on Amazon as both a paperback and an ebook.

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  1. Of course it was a success! It was brilliant. Of special note, for me, was the wonderful singing from Holly Guest, so beautiful. Everything went well and as far as I could see, everyone enjoyed it very much – well done you 🙂 x

  2. Lindsay says:

    Thanks, Polly, As ever, your support means so much. Holly’s voice is beautiful, isn’t it? That was the clincher on the title of the book!

  3. Linda says:

    I am so pleased that everything went so well, though there were no doubts about it from me. I am delighted that our students helped in selecting the title, and hope that we can help with your next book in some way! I was gutted that I was unable to join you, but I was thinking of you, and really really did want to be with you.

  4. Lindsay says:

    Sorry you weren’t able to make it, Linda. Hope you’re feeling better now. I mentioned the survey you did with your students at the launch, and the runaway voting for The Danger of the Edge – the next one maybe?!

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