Launch Day + 9

It’s nine days since the launch of The Broken Road. In the stressful, frenetic run-up to the launch (and in the months before that trying to get the book finished!), I imagined the joy of the post-launch aura. Some light Christmas shopping perhaps. Catching up with friends I’d neglected. Some much needed SLEEP.

What happened?

The first few days were beset with admin problems involving the printer, the distributor, Amazon. I spent ages on the phone and emailing people. More stress!

Some of these are not full resolved yet, but it was getting better. I started to relax. I completed a couple of interviews and a guest article for for other people’s blogs. You can read one of them here at Being Anne.

And then, I got ill!figure-552115_1280Since last Friday I’ve been laid low by an irregular temperature, sore throat and terrible cough. I can hardly keep my eyes open.

And all this, just when I hoped I’d be able to promote the book.

So, can I call on your help? Can you help spread the word for me about The Broken Road? They do say word of mouth is the best sort of promotion. If you read it and enjoy it, perhaps you’d write a review on Amazon – I know that’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you could … I know I gave the Amazon link in the last post, and I don’t want to irritate you, but just in case you know someone who might like it or … or … The Broken Road.

I’m grateful for any help.

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  1. Of course! Off to FB I go…
    Get well soon xx

  2. Robin Heaney says:

    I switched off Match of the Day to finish it!

  3. Lindsay says:

    Thanks, Polly. You’re wonderful!

  4. Lindsay says:

    That sounds good, Robin, or was it a duff match?!

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