Ho! Ho! Ho!

Happy Christmas, everyone! My blog is ending the year on something of a whimper. A combination of the book launch, a horrible lurgy and trying to get ready for Christmas has forced blogging into the back seat. But I couldn’t not send good wishes to all of you who read... read more

Launch Day + 9

It’s nine days since the launch of The Broken Road. In the stressful, frenetic run-up to the launch (and in the months before that trying to get the book finished!), I imagined the joy of the post-launch aura. Some light Christmas shopping perhaps. Catching up with friends I’d neglected. Some... read more

The Launch of The Broken Road

Wow! And double wow! Despite my doubting that it was ever going to come together, that the books would arrive in time, that anyone would turn up, that nothing would go disastrously wrong, it was a SUCCESS! There was a lovely atmosphere in the room. Everyone laughed in the right... read more