Introducing my new novel!

I’ve been chained to the computer since I got back from holiday, working on yet another revision of my new novel. Finally, it feels as if it might be coming together, so I thought it might be time to post the opening. I was partly spurred on by a photo that popped up on Facebook – more in a moment!

The Broken Road

If Ollie had been a lark, things would have been different. He envied larks: the glow of sainthood flooded their lives. They caught the worm; they got things done. If Ollie had been a lark, he’d have been up hours before his mobile buzzed at nine o’clock. He’d already have been for a run, dashed off half a dozen paintings, and made breakfast for Jess and Flo. But Ollie was an owl, not a lark, so he reached a hand from under the duvet, slammed the phone into silence and went back to sleep.

He was sorting through the paintings stacked in the hallway when it rang again. He let himself dream of good news. That new gallery in Highgate might be offering him an exhibition.  Or there was a chance the American customer had come good and wanted to commission more of his Hampstead Heath scenes. He studied the painting in his hands: an avenue of lime trees in Alexandra Park. Haloes of sunshine pierced the canopy of leaves, spreading a lacework of light on the path below. He’d painted it during a brief period of inspiration last summer. Jess had loved it: ‘Hey, that’s good!’ she said. ‘You’ve got your magic back.’ She’d kissed him, the sort of kiss she used to give him when they first met.

A dog barked in the street below. A hacking, insistent noise, like a consumptive’s cough. It dragged him away from that summer day made forever idyllic by his painting. Traffic noise from the Holloway Road rumbled through the open window in the kitchen; a magpie screeched in the gardens behind the flats. The mobile had stopped, but rang again almost straight away. He propped the picture in front of the others and ran into the bedroom, snatching the phone from the chest of drawers.


Having read the second paragraph, imagine my surprise – and delight – when this photo was posted on Facebook by Helena Halme (who did an MA at Bath Spa the year before me).

Trees Alexandra Palace

Ollie’s trees!

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  1. Maureen Hall says:

    Reads REALLY well. Being able to follow this creative path with you is so encouraging. I’m looking forward to reading the published book soon!

  2. Lindsay says:

    Phew! That’s a relief, Polly!

  3. Lindsay says:

    Thanks, Mo. A bit scary putting it ‘out’ there, but so pleased you like it.

  4. gulara says:

    Wonderful! Divine synchronicity is always a sign that we are on the right track 🙂

  5. Lindsay says:

    I was really thrilled to see the photo, Gulara. I hope I’m on the right track with this. I was certainly on the wrong track in its early days.

  6. Becky gethin says:

    well done, you!

  7. Lindsay says:

    Thanks, Becky.

  8. Diane says:

    Love this Lindsay as it reflects both Oliver’s trees and also the thread of the story. You sent a request out into the cosmos and it has given you an answer

  9. Lindsay says:

    Definitely some synchronicity going on, Diane, but I don’t know about the photo for the cover, if that’s what you mean.

  10. linda sellers says:

    Looking forward to reading the rest!

  11. Lindsay says:

    Thanks, Linda. Hoping it will be out in December!

  12. Sue Ablett says:

    Devoured the first two books. Can’ t wait to get my hands on this one. I’m already hooked.

  13. Lindsay says:

    Thanks, Sue. Very good to know!

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