Readers are the cherries!

Last night I went to talk to two book groups in the darkest wilds of Little Witley. I couldn’t find the exact house at first, and when I stopped to ask, the woman said ‘Have you come for the cherries?’ I didn’t know at that stage, but indeed I had!                ... read more


I’m in that no-man’s land of ‘almost there’. So near and yet so far! I’ve almost finished revising my novel. I’ve almost got a cover I’m happy with. I’ve almost got a date for the launch. I’ve almost got my ISBNs I’ve almost arranged the printing. I’ve almost written the... read more

Introducing my new novel!

I’ve been chained to the computer since I got back from holiday, working on yet another revision of my new novel. Finally, it feels as if it might be coming together, so I thought it might be time to post the opening. I was partly spurred on by a photo... read more


Not sure if my last post, Holiday News, went out to subscribers. I didn’t get it and wondering if others did. Posted this afternoon. Could you let me know?

Holiday News

A good reason for my silence on here – I’ve been away. A lovely two weeks in the hills of the eastern Algarve, a mile from the nearest village with  fabulous views down into the valley and out to sea. We had no internet access; we couldn’t get the television... read more