Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder?

I thought it was time I put in an appearance here, even though it’s a flying visit!

I don’t know if you’ve wondered where I’ve got to or not. Does absence make the heart grow fonder?Glass broken heart

Or does that other proverb – Out of sight, out of mind hold a greater truth? I hope not and it’s the former because I will be back and I’d hate to find you’ve all gone!

Since the beginning of January I’ve been revising my novel. I’m on a second trawl through it, cutting, expanding, adding, linking. It’s a demanding process. A constant weighing up of

ChoiceAnd I find the really difficult thing is keeping it all in my head – all 110,000 words of it. Which ideas have I repeated? Which characters have ended up with the same mannerisms? Where have I contradicted myself? Where are the plot holes? What happened to the apparently significant item I mentioned on page 98 and then forgot about? And so much more.

I’ll be blogging about revising in more detail soon, as well as exploring lots of other thoughts, but in the meantime,while I struggle to bring the current novel to fruition, can I remind you of my first two novels: The Piano Player’s Son and Unravelling. They’re longing to be read, and if you’ve already read them, I’ll love you forever if you’d recommend them to a friend!

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  1. Polly says:

    I love ‘Unravelling’ and ‘The Piano Player’s Son’ and recommend them at every opportunity – can’t wait for the new one – have you decided on a title yet?

  2. Lindsay says:

    Thank you, Polly. I really appreciate your support. Three titles juggling for pole position at the moment.

  3. Caroline D says:

    Good to hear that you are making such progress with the latest novel. Sounded very focussed and no wonder you haven’t had time for blogging.

    As you know my local book group loved The Piano player’s Son. It provoked lots of discussion about families.


  4. Lindsay says:

    Lovely to hear from you, Caroline. Thanks for commenting. And thank you for the reminder about your book group – encouragement to get on with this one!

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