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This is interesting. One of my blog readers, Linda Bromyard, is a school librarian, and she tried out the list of titles from my previous blog with some of her students aged 12-14.

Bearing in mind the age of the participants – so definitely not that of the intended audience for my book – the results are fascinating.

Title Survey

Please help author Lindsay Stanberry-Flynn select a title for her new book.

Which book title would get your attention if browsing books by title alone?

Please put a tick in the box alongside the title that you most like.

Title Votes
 The Broken Road


 Flawed Perspectives


 Fatal Perspectives


 Unframed Masterpieces


 Journey Home


 Danger of the Edge


 Silent Angel


 The Grey shadow



 Perhaps the random title generator wasn’t so mad after all – three of the top scorers here by far are from that. Glad to see The Broken Road and Journey Home putting up a valiant effort! Would also be interesting to know the gender split. What do you think?

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  1. Fascinating! Great market research even though younger than your target market.

  2. Lindsay says:

    I agree, Polly. Great food for thought.

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