I Did It!

Well. after all the bleating and whingeing, sobbing and sighing, I finally finished the first draft YESTERDAY!

It still feels unreal.Because of the false start (two narratives I was trying to squash into one) I’ve been living with Ollie Anderson for two and a half years. For the first eighteen months, I wondered why I was finding it hard to make progress, but since deciding to split the narrative into two in January this year, I’ve managed to get to the end of the story.

It’s been painful along the way. HeadacheAs I’ve sometimes complained on here, I find first drafts excruciatingly difficult. I didn’t used to, but I do now. As I’ve learnt and understood more about the craft of writing, I’ve become more hampered by doubt and indecision as I try to get words on the page. If I begin a sentence with ‘There was … ‘, I berate myself – a boring phrase; if I write ‘He turned …’ for the hundredth time, I find it hard to let it go and sort it out in the rewriting process.

But having decided in September (with the help of the lovely Lorna Fergusson at Fiction Fire) that I was going to finish the damn thing by the end of November, I tried to bang words out without worrying constantly about the quality. I began to make quicker progress, but still found it tough. At the beginning of November I still had a long way to go.

I didn’t finish on 30th November as I originally wanted, but a day after with a wopping – for me – 4144 words. In the last week, I’ve written nearly 15,000 words and on one of those, when I had no time, I managed only 298, so the others had to be hefty.

In total, the first draft is an amazing 123,000 words. A lot of those will be cut in the rewrites, but for the moment, I love every single one of them!

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  1. Rebecca Gethin says:

    Hooray. Well done you. Now the fun part begins!

  2. Lindsay says:

    Thanks, Becky. It’s such a relief to have finished, and, yes, I’ll enjoy the editing and rewriting.

  3. Mary HOWELL says:

    Well done. It’s a huge relief isn’t it and then the real work begins.

  4. Lindsay says:

    Oh, Mary, a HUGE relief. I’ve found the first draft so difficult this time round. I’m hoping I’ll enjoy the rewriting in comparison.

  5. Hooray! So pleased for you…enjoy your time reviewing and editing…would recommend a break before starting 😉 x

  6. Lindsay says:

    Thanks, Polly. Yes, I’m looking forward to the rewriting part, but I will try be patient and leave it for a while.

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