Books Make Great Presents!

I love books! I love the physical experience of books – the covers, the blurb, turning the pages, the smell and touch of a book. And I love being surrounded by books – piles of them! (I suppose that’s the reason I rarely pick up my kindle.) My husband says I regard books in bookshops as orphans, and I have to take them home and nurture them!

(Picture courtesy of Cornerstone Books)

And of course I love reading them. Those other worlds you can dive into, the people you can meet, the experiences you can have. I would be bereft without books, and if I’m ever asked what I’d like for a present, it’s always books.

Okay, here we move on to the blatant self-promotion. I know lots of you have already read my books, and thank you so much if you have. Perhaps you could consider giving one as a present to someone this Christmas. But if you haven’t, why not give them a go? Unravelling, my first novel, has won three awards, and my second The Piano Player’s Son was published by Cinnamon Press after winning their Novel Writing Award.

Chorleywood cropped(Me and my books!)

Links to buy: Unravelling and The Piano Player’s Son.

These are paperback links, but they are both available as ebooks as well.

Or if you prefer a real, live bookshop and live anywhere near Broadway, Worcestershire, they are both available at Blandford Books.

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  1. Debbie Young says:

    Books are so easy to post and wrap too, Lindsay! And yours are just right for giving to someone who likes an engrossing saga to while away the long dark nights around Christmas.

    I’m hoping that by naming my collection of Christmas short stories “Stocking Fillers”, people will see them in shops and think “Ah, the perfect stocking filler!” I’m now starting to plan a summer collection designed as a lightweight read for people to talk on holiday, possibly to be called “Travelling Light”. Always one for an obvious title, me šŸ˜‰

  2. Lindsay says:

    Lots of lovely marketing ideas there, Debbie. You’re very good at it. My books seem to be quite expensive to post, and if I have to charge postage on top, then …

  3. Polly says:

    I spent a joyous time at Christmas last year reading ‘The Piano Player’s Son’ – it was the first book I’d been able to focus on for some length of time, so it will always remain a favourite for me.

  4. Lindsay says:

    Thanks, Polly. Great to know The Piano Player’s Son ‘did’ it for you at that particular time.

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