Not the Damned First Draft Again!

I know I’ve blogged about the difficulties of the first draft before. But what I don’t know why I’m making such a song and dance about it.

When I wrote my first two novels (a very long time ago!), I wrote them by hand in exercise books and then got them typed up. I didn’t even think of them as first drafts. They were just novels, produced out of some compulsion to write, and then shoved in the drawer!

But as I get near the end of my current first draft, the process seems to be getting harder and harder. I’m at about 106,000 words, with three chapters to go. I should be racing to the end. I’ve dreamt of, visualised that moment of typing:but instead the novel seems to be resisting closure. I want to finish. I need to finish. The draft is desperate to be over and done with. But I faff and delay, procrastinate and pretend.

So, in an attempt to encourage myself, I’m posting this photo.