Buon Giorno!

My characters have arrived in Venice at long last! I’ve been waiting for them to get there for the last eighteen months (Ollie has been waiting for most of his life!), but now they’re there – I’m scared. I love Venice and I’m frightened I won’t do justice to it.

I’ve been immersing myself in all things Venetian, and for the next couple of weeks, at least, La Serenissima will probably be the focus of this blog. Hold on tight for a trip up the Adriatic.

There are varying numbers given for the bridges of Venice, but the most consistent number is 400. But I intend to concentrate on one of my favourites in this post (think it might just become a favourite in the novel as well!) Ponte San Christoforo.

croppedOn the left is a photo I took last year, and on the right one from this year, which not only includes me – but a dog which refused to budge! IMG_1621 cropped

I love the shape of this bridge, the way it flares out from the top and cascades down into Campiello Barbaro.

When I started looking into it, I discovered Ponte San Christoforo has fascinated many others as well. I came across a fantastic website about a challenge to cross 100 bridges in a day and photograph them all. I love both the photo and description of the bridge by Charl Durand.

The Ponte San Cristoforo also looked like it had been renovated recently, with a broad flight of steps that didn’t at all look like it had felt the wearing down of thousands upon thousands of feet. The way the steps wrap around the bridge at a ninety degree angle gave it a strange aesthetic appeal with the steps appearing like a wide, frozen waterfall gushing from the top of the bridge. Whoever designed the bridge definitely had a flair for visual appeal. But then, so did most of the designers of bridges in Venice.

A much better picture than mine!

Ponte San Christoforo

And this is an interesting painting of the bridge by PL Hobbs:

And I love this from the 1955 film ‘Summertime’ where Katharine Hepburn befriends a young orphan – or perhaps it was the other way round!

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  1. Polly says:

    Of course you’ll do Venice justice, you can’t fail to…I’m thinking of the various settings in ‘The Piano Player’s Son’, all of which came alive under your pen. You’re sure to do the same with Venice 🙂

  2. Lindsay says:

    What a lovely thing to say, Polly! I’ll try to share your confidence.

  3. Andrea Bourne says:

    I can’t wait for this one Lindsay ……. Donna Leon eat your heart out!

  4. Lindsay says:

    Thanks, Andrea – good to know someone’s waiting for it. Venice is only part of it, so I don’t think Donna Leon will need to worry too much!

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