Buon Giorno!

My characters have arrived in Venice at long last! I’ve been waiting for them to get there for the last eighteen months (Ollie has been waiting for most of his life!), but now they’re there – I’m scared. I love Venice and I’m frightened I won’t do justice to it.... read more

Celebrating Birthdays!

This day last year I was stressed. Why? It was the launch of my second novel. Yes – incredibly – THE PIANO PLAYER’S SON is a year old! Happy Birthday The Piano Player’s Son! It was an exciting time – I was sending my book (my baby) off into the... read more

Thought for the Day

I’m supposed to be writing, but I couldn’t resist posting this. [Shannon Hale via Jeni Chappelle] As I wrote last week, I’m struggling to complete my first draft. I’ve set myself the goal of the end of November. I know that’s going to be a huge challenge – 25,000 words... read more

Writing – Inspiration, Perspiration or Persistence?

Since I came back from Venice, I’ve been struggling to write. This is so frustrating. The end of the first draft is in sight, the chapters are planned, but I CAN’T WRITE. I’ve found myself pondering – not for the first time – the question in the title of this... read more