No, not the Clooney Wedding!

Wall to wall coverage of Venice as a result of George Clooney’s wedding probably means everyone is sick of hearing about the place, but I want to record my own little bit of Venice from last week.

This was my eighth visit to Venice! This time we had a small apartment in a wonderful palazzo on the Grand Canal: Palazzo Loredan dell’Ambasciatore, a 15th century Gothic palace, the birthplace of two doges from the Loredan family, and later the home of ambassadors from the Austrian Empire. It is amazing to watch the waterway of the Grand Canal at such close quarters and see the variety of boats – water taxis, vaporetti, working boats, ambulances, police and fire, rubbish collectors, gondolas that pass up and down it from dawn till late.

One of the more dramatic moments of the trip was an amazing thunder and lightning storm which lasted for a couple of hours and exploded into a hailstone storm – the biggest hailstones I’ve ever seen! The result was a flooded apartment, but luckily we were taken to another apartment at the top of the palazzo to spend the night while our apartment was sorted out.

My attempt to capture the lightning through the gothic bars at our window. If you click on photo to make it bigger, you should just see the streak of lightning!:


But as always, my favourite thing in Venice is to wander the alleyways, cross the bridges, linger in the campos and stumble across magical scenes round every corner. St Mark’s is a teaming mass of tourists, but quiet calles and canals are everywhere. The sort of scene I love: Rio del Malpaga (seconds away from our apartment) from the bridge Ponte Malpago.IMG_1674I’ve got a feeling Ollie, my main character, will be painting this scene when he arrives in Venice any day now!

(We booked our apartment through Views on Venice, our third one through them) and found them as reliable and helpful as previously.)

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  1. Polly says:

    Ooops! I hope Ollie will be ‘painting’ the scene rather than ‘paining’ it! Small typo there, or is it?
    I love your take on Venice, Lindsay, how wonderful to be there during a thunder and lightning storm.
    Thanks for the link to Views on Venice, too. I’ve not used them, but could do in the future.

  2. Lindsay says:

    Thanks for the typo, Polly – I’ve corrected it. The storm was exciting, especially watching the Grand Canal seething, like a really rough sea, as the enormous hailstones landed on the water. What wasn’t so exciting was turning away from the window and finding water dripping through the ceiling (where hail stones had blocked a pipe) and spreading rapidly through the whole apartment!

  3. Maureen Hall says:

    Did you have a boat moored up outside, to use instead of a car? And if so, did you use it? I’ve never been to Venice. But … ‘One day, in Jerusalem’, as they say!

  4. Lindsay says:

    No, don’t think any old bod would be allowed to take to the water, and the Grand Canal is so busy that it would be scary anyway. We didn’t have far to walk to the vaporetto stop – Venice’s public transport – which I love travelling on. We could have had a water taxi (speed boat)to the ‘front door’, but they’re not cheap.

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