The rustling of excitement

I often whinge on this blog about my struggles with writing. That seems to have happened a lot recently with my current novel, failure to write and generally existing in a world of ‘stuckness’. So, I think it’s only right to relieve the negativity by highlighting a rustling in the undergrowth, which I detect as excitement!

I’ve just plotted out the next few chapters and I’m feeling excited about my plot for the first time in a while. I’ve immersed myself in the characters’ lives, and I like some of the complications ahead! I know they won’t like them, but I’m not going to let them stop me, even though they might try. And they can be very persuasive these characters!

I’ve recently written a guest post (think it comes out tomorrow) about the agony and ecstasy of writing the first draft. Predictably, I majored on the agony, but I had to admit that writing the first draft can also be thrilling. To bring to life characters who were previously only shadowy figures in the subconscious, to create worlds for them to walk, talk, laugh, cry in, is  – or can be – truly exhilarating. It’s exploring the imagination, delving into the subconscious that fuels my desire to write.

Of course, being me, the excitement is muted to a rustling in the undergrowth, but it’s definitely there!

In other news, I went to a lovely event in Oxford last Friday evening – A Taste of Cinnamon at the Albion Beatnik bookshop.

A group of Cinnamon Press authors joined together to read from our work. We had originally all met on a course in North Wales and immediately gelled. We have stayed in touch, and the publication of a new novel from one of the group, ‘Kanyakumari’ by Hazel Manuel, was the excuse we needed to get together for a joint read-in. I read from ‘The Piano Player’s Son’, Caroline Davies from her poetry collection ‘Convoy’ (I’ve blogged about that before). Mary Howell from her novel ‘Murielle’s Angel’, Catherine Coldstream from her memoir (still to be published) and Jan Fortune from Cinnamon Press read from her book ‘Slate Voices’. You can read more about any of the books at Cinnamon Press.

And here we all are: IMG_1437-001The other lovely thing was finding another wonderful independent bookshop. The Albion Beatnik Bookstore at 34 Walton Street, in Oxford is well worth a visit. This is the poster in their window:

This Is a Book-Shop

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  1. Derek Taylor says:

    Great news about the novel progress, Lindsay! What a relief.

  2. Lindsay says:

    Thanks, Derek. I’m at 60,000 words and have just planned next few chapters, so cautiously optimistic!

  3. Maureen Hall says:

    I’m so pleased to hear about the ‘rustling’: wish I could say the same!!

  4. Lindsay says:

    Thanks, Mo. The rustling is tentative, but I’m pleased to feel even a twinge of optimism. Fingers crossed you’ll get a rustle or two of your own!

  5. Polly says:

    Good to see the novel is coming along with more positive vibes 🙂

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