My Blog Tour – Day One

Today is the first day of my 10-day blog tour.


My virtual bags are packed and my imaginary tickets are tucked away in my wallet (courtesy of SilverWood Books who have arranged the tour for me). And I’ve got the mixed feelings of anticipation and trepidation that any journey into the unknown involves. Will I enjoy it? Will ‘they’ like me? I’d like to come back elated. Please don’t let me return licking my wounds!

Over the next ten days, ‘The Piano Player’s Son’ and me will be on a whistle stop tour of different websites and blogspots. Some of them will be reviews, some interviews, and others will be guest posts from me on some aspect of the novel. Fingers crossed the reviews will be positive.

I’ll post links each day to the relevant site and it would be great if you could follow me, and maybe leave a comment. Today’s is and the host is another Lindsay.

Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye!

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