Blog Tour – Day 4

The fourth day of my blog tour.


Okay, I’m not quite so jaunty on day four. Today’s blog stop is a review and an interview. The review is 4 star, but is lukewarm to say the least. It also mentions profanity which is ‘quite unnecessary’! I don’t tend to swear much myself, so always think about putting swear words in and try to make sure they fit the character and the situation. In some instances, it would be ridiculous for a character to say ‘Oh dear!’ or ‘Bother!’ I would be interested to hear your thoughts.

The cover also gets some stick.

There’s an interview as well (I would have liked more about the book and less about me in that), in which she says I was charming and fun, so it’s not all bad. Shall I give you the link?

Oh, go on then! Here it is


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  1. Debbie Young says:

    I wouldn’t worry about it, Lindsay – one man’s plain cover is another man’s elegant restraint. From the design of her website, she isn’t one for monochrome. And the amount of swearing in your book is very small and appropriate for the characters. Anyone who finds the level of swearing “spoils the book” for them would probably do better to stick to reading children’s books! Maybe she just has some very sensitive readers that she’s trying to give a coded warning to – or maybe she’s said that because she also reviews children’s books and wants to make it clear it’s adults only. It’s a good interview and she does say lots of good things about the book too, so take heart!

  2. Lindsay says:

    Thanks for the lovely supportive comment, Debbie. It’s the sort of review I would shrug off normally, but because it is part of the blog tour, it seems to have more significance. But the swearing is completely in character and context and doesn’t seem unnecessary to me, so I stand by it. It’s an American site and perhaps they have different attitudes.

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