Readers’ Afternoon at Dudley Archive Centre

Poor blog is feeling neglected at the moment! Two weeks of blog silence but lots of activity elsewhere! I had a few days in beautiful Derbyshire, staying in the most idyllic place with a wonderful sense of tranquillity. The place we stayed is a steep climb up from the village... read more

When the Journey Becomes the Story

When I taught GCSE English a lifetime ago, students were often given ‘A Trip to —‘ as a title in the exam. I was always surprised how many of them wrote about getting up that morning, the journey to the airport, or something along the way when the main focus... read more

The Piano Player’s Son

I wanted to remind myself of the lovely launch I had for The Piano Player’s Son. Although I’m working on a new novel, I miss that one – as I realised last week when I was talking about it at library events for World Book Night – and it’s nice... read more