Time’s Winged Chariot

Shakespeare wrote ‘Time and the hour runs through the roughest day’. If it’s the case for the rough days, it fair gallops through the good ones!

Last week was so busy, I can’t believe it’s already more than a week since Easter Sunday. Meet The EggstersMeet The Eggsters!






I was then working on my novel – a sure fire way to make the days whizz past. With some rejigged chapters from the aborted novel and some brand new shiny chapters, I’ve managed to reach chapter 16 and the heady heights of 48,000 words. And breathe!

On Wednesday evening I was talking at Evesham library about my books, writing, being a writer, and again on Friday morning at Warndon library. Both events were held to celebrate World Book Night. I had a brilliant time on both occasions, and the audiences seemed to enjoy themselves. It’s so lovely to meet readers, discuss the books, why I wrote them, my characters, and that favourite question – what inspired me to write.

I was particularly delighted to be back at Warndon. I first visited about three years when the library book group was reading Unravelling. They are so warm, friendly and supportive – and best of all, they seem to like my my novels! They asked some really interesting questions, but I had to smile at a couple of them – one person wanted to meet someone like Patrick from Unravelling. She wondered if she walked up and down Malvern station if she might find him there! And another wondered if I’d based Gerald on someone I know as he seems so real and charismatic. It made up for a comment I received at a different book group where one of the women said ‘I hated Gerald – my ex-husband was just like him.’ Say no more!!

Me and the lovely readers at Warndon libraryOn Saturday I went down to London for a short story course. I love writing short stories, but I’ve been so caught up with the novel, I haven’t written any for ages. I thought an injection of short story enthusiasm might be just the thing. The day turned into a story in itself, so more of that another day!

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  1. Debbie Young says:

    Sounds like all’s going well for you, Lindsay, well done, I’m so pleased! I’ll look forward to hearing about your short story course. I’m just about to read Calum Kerr’s new ebook, “The World in a Flash: How to Write Flash Fiction” which looks interesting…

  2. Lindsay says:

    Thanks, Debbie. All going well, but too fast! The short story course story is NOT a good-news one, although I might have got a story from it. Have you entered the Worcestershire LitFest flash fiction competition? Calum and I are judges!

  3. Polly says:

    heh-heh… trust you to leave us with a page turner – watch this space for a story about a short story course!

    Anyone wanting to enter the LitFest Flash Fiction competition will need to get a wriggle on, the deadline is Friday 2 May, for details see: http://worcslitfest.co.uk/flash-fiction-competition-2014

  4. Lindsay says:

    Nice plug for the flash fiction comp, Polly! Polly is our wonderful administrator – apart from being a great poet!

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