The ‘F’ Word

F*** No, not that one, but the ‘F’ word I’m thinking of is almost more taboo in modern life than than its four-letter relation: Yes – my ‘F’ word is failure We are programmed in today’s culture to believe anything is possible as long as we really want it, we... read more

Do You Like Sequels?

Lots of copies of THE PIANO PLAYER’S SON here. Lots of copies but only the one book. What about if, instead of one book, there was THE PIANO PLAYER’S SON X TWO? A Sequel? A number of readers have said to me recently that they’d like a sequel. They want... read more

The Blog Tour

Collaborative blogging seems to have been a feature of my blog world this year: I’ve written guest posts on ‘The Piano Player’s Son’ on two other blogs; I’ve had guest writers on my blog for my ‘Why I Write’ series, and now I’m taking part in ‘The Writing Process’ Blog... read more