One of the nice bits of being a writer!

I know I’ve often blogged about the struggles involved in being a writer: the long hours in front of the computer, the isolation, the anguish (okay, a bit melodramatic!) when words refuse to come … and I could go on. But one of the nice things is getting to know other writers. And this has been hugely helped by the internet and social media.

I’ve met some lovely writers in recent years, a lot of them in ‘real’ life, but many through sites such as Facebook or through email contact, some of whom I’ve gone on to meet in ‘real’ life. They are rewarding contacts and I find the writing community is largely warm and supportive.

One example of this is when other writers ask you to be guests on their websites or blogs. It’s wonderful to be asked.

Today, I’m excited to have an interview on Becky Gethin’s blog about The Piano Player’s Son. Launch 1 063

One of my favourite photos!

Becky is another Cinnamon Press author. She is a novelist, poet and writes evocatively about the natural world. Becky is one of those writers I first met in real life on a course years ago, and we have kept in touch. She asked me some really interesting questions, and I enjoyed thinking of the answers. In fact, I probably went on too long. But you can read the interview


Hope you enjoy it!



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  1. Wow, thanks so much for that. The feelings are mutual and I totally agree with you about the community of writers.

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