Why I Write (Eight)

Here we go with the eighth and final post of my series ‘Why I Write’, and today I’m so pleased to welcome children’s author, Julie Fulton. Julie is the writer who nearly got away! When I was first thinking about who to invite to write the posts, I wanted writers... read more

It’s All About Readers

When I wrote the first one in my series ‘Why I Write’ back in January, I talked about readers. Here’s some of what I said: I also mention ‘readers eager for more’ and this is getting closer to what drives me on. It’s wonderful when readers get in touch to... read more

Why I Write (Seven)

I can’t believe it’s the seventh (and penultimate) post in my ‘Why I Write’ series, and today it’s the turn of Debbie Young. I first heard of Debbie through her excellent book Sell Your Books which is full of ideas to help authors promote their books. We became online friends... read more

One of the nice bits of being a writer!

I know I’ve often blogged about the struggles involved in being a writer: the long hours in front of the computer, the isolation, the anguish (okay, a bit melodramatic!) when words refuse to come … and I could go on. But one of the nice things is getting to know... read more

Why I Write (Six)

Number six in the ‘Why I Write’ series and I’m delighted to welcome Polly Robinson to my blog. I met Polly just over two years ago and we got to know each other better when we worked together on the Worcestershire Literary Festival Flash Fiction competition. As well as being... read more

Happy Valentine’s Day!

A non-poem for Valentine’s Day! The Woman I Love is a Hairdresser The woman I love is a hairdresser, She cleanses me, conditions me and straightens me out. She massages me, untangles me and combs out my doubt.   The woman I love is a hairdresser, She trims me and... read more

Read any good books lately?

I’ve always been an avid reader. (How did avid and reader come to be one of those adjective/noun combinations that cling together like survivors from a shipwreck?) But in the last couple of years, I’ve let my reading slip. I was still reading – I can’t imagine a life without... read more

Why I Write (Five)

I can’t believe it’s the fifth week in my ‘Why I Write’ series! These posts every week are certainly helping to brighten our dismally wet winter. And today, I’m thrilled that poet, Gary Longden has agreed to share his feelings about writing with us, and he offers some interesting insights.... read more

Beginnings 12th January 2010

I’ve just been engaging in a bit of nostalgia and looking back through my blog archives to January 2010, which saw my first posts. Yes, I know checking the archives is up there with emails, facebook etc as a means of procrastination. WRITE THE NOVEL! But it is interesting to... read more