Launch of The Piano Player’s Son Final Countdown!

Monday and four days until the LAUNCH!                                                                                  the pian player's son v.8 flatIt’s almost here – I can’t believe it.


There’s so much going on this week that I wonder how I’ll cope, so thought I’d write something each day in the lead up to Friday as a way of keeping my feet on the ground. That’s the theory, but who knows?!

I’m trying to decide which extracts to read at the launch. The opening? Yes, of course the opening, but didn’t I read somewhere that it was better to read extracts from further into the story when the characters are established and the plot is nicely mixed? Should I do that? Maybe, but then again … you see the way my feverish brain is skitting about all over the place? (Wondered if ‘skitting’ is a word, so have just looked it up and it’s an underground dance style that originated in South Africa!)

Also, I haven’t finalised the running order in my mind – music in the middle to break up the talking? Music at the end for a lively conclusion? I suppose you could start with music – oh, help!

This evening I’m going to talk to a reading group in Alcester about my books, writing, and anything else that comes up. I like meeting readers – that’s what the agony of writing is about after all. Discussing my characters – even when the readers don’t like them or approve of their actions – is fun and rewarding. It’s the real thing and the launch is just the froth on top. I must remember that when panic threatens to overtake me this week!

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  1. Good luck with the week. I was just wondering about your book. Whatever your running order you will have a great time and so will all your fans as they have come to have a good time, too. Everyone will be wishing you well. All my best wishes and I wil go and order my copy…. Lots of Love Becky

  2. Lindsay says:

    Thanks, Becky. I’m hoping to enjoy it all, and want everyone else too as well. Your good wishes are much appreciated.

  3. Christine Steenfeldt says:

    Now there’s a word I didn’t know ‘skitting’ – and I lived in South Africa for years! Only 4 more sleeps to the launch although it sounds like you may be having sleepless nights worrying over the running order. I suspect that the invitees won’t know what to expect, unless they’ve been to hundreds of book launches, so whatever you do, they’ll enjoy! If you’re relaxed and having fun, they will be too. Can’t wait!

  4. Lindsay says:

    You’re right. Whatever else, it needs to be fun!

  5. Polly says:

    ‘skitting’? ‘er … maybe ‘skittering’? rofl 🙂
    Soooooo, looking forward to tomorrow night. My friend Charly has confirmed he will be with us too … yay!

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