Launch Day!

I had intended to write a post every day this week in the run up to LAUNCH DAY, but it’s turned into a crazy few days with two evenings spent meeting book groups and a local radio interview. All lovely things but adding to the 10 million things I had to do anyway.

But it’s finally here after all the waiting and worrying! Live Word Stars Fireworks In-Person Performance Appearancein Worcester tonight! And I can’t wait.

In case you missed the interview, there a link to it here. I’m on about half way through at 2.09.8ish. That will only work until next Tuesday, but I’m hoping to get something permanent up after that.

In the meantime, fingers crossed for a brilliant evening tonight. Please don’t let it rain too much. Perhaps I’ll be able to sleep again after that!


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  1. Christine Steenfeldt says:

    And have you managed a good night’s sleep now that the very successful launch is over? Thank you for it, by the way. It was a wonderful evening with excellent performances by all concerned. And the wine wasn’t half bad either!

  2. Lindsay says:

    Thanks, Christine. Yes, I’ve had some very welcome relaxation this weekend! I’m glad you enjoyed the evening – it was good, wasn’t it? With music, song, poetry, prose and wine, you can’t go far wrong. Thanks for being there.

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